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Training - Level 1: Elements of Y-CBT

This full-day training provides participants with comprehensive instruction in facilitating the Y-CBT group treatment model. Participants will learn how to address the symptoms of anxiety and depression by combining traditional psychotherapy with yogic practices and philosophies. 

Participants will:

  • Learn how psychological and yogic practices are integrated in Y-CBT.
  • Receive instruction in the specific therapeutic yoga sets and mediations used in Y-CBT.
  • Understand the elements that make up the 6-week Y-CBT groups.
  • Practice techniques with detailed instruction by the presenters.

The yoga is adapted for all populations, virtually all done in chairs.

Audience: Social Workers, Psychologists, Counselors, Doctors, Nurses, Yoga teachers.

Pre-Requisite: Introduction to Y-CBT

Fee: $200*

Next Training: Sunday June 4 , 2022 LIVE REMOTE TRAINING  Register Here ยป

*7 CEs. Approved for NYS Social Workers, NYS LMHCs & Pending Approval for NYS Psychologists.