For Teens

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Y-CBT Treatment Model for Teens

Teens who struggle with anxiety find themselves developing behaviors to compensate for the stress that they are experiencing such as social withdrawal, school avoidance, and substance abuse. Targeting these symptoms and building skills early in life will result in a greater capacity to face the stressors that life brings.

Y-CBT teaches teens to break this cycle by creating a neutral place that leaves self-judgment and criticism behind. Participants learns to quiet the negative self-talk of anxiety and worry, while also quieting the body with a variety of yoga and breathing techniques from Kundalini yogic traditions. 

Y-CBT Teen Treatment Model, adapted in collaboration with adolescent specialist Jacqueline Vorpahl Ph.d., targets the important milestones in adolescent development along with the inter and intra personal struggles that teens face when managing the problematic symptoms of anxiety and depression.

This model offers a 6-session group treatment program that provides participants with a progressive treatment model which offers skills to impact the cognitive and physical symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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